Quality is built into our products and monitored at every step of our production including raw material inspection, processing inspection, final inspection, and outgoing inspection.

Richardson Metals uses strict process controls in all manufacturing processes to ensure products meet or exceed your quality requirements. To eliminate defects, all processes are controlled and continuously monitored from concept to packaging. Monitoring can be as routine as when the part gets extruded and stretched or further down the processing line during cutting, CNC machining, other in-house value-added services. Our Quality Team will also inspect during packaging to ensure the parts we package are received in the same condition when you receive them.

Our Sales/Engineering Team can also offer Value Engineering Assistance evaluating alternative components and methods so that you can reduce costs or increase production. You can depend on us as we have experienced engineering team, advanced production, and inspection equipment.

You can save time as we can provide one-stop service. By the strict evaluation and selection, we have had one strong and reliable cooperating team composed by a lot of partners in the provision of high-quality tolerance parts, special packaging, and one-stop shopping. You can save money as we can advise the most suitable way to produce your parts.