Aluminum CNC machining services allow manufacturers to create precision-machined parts that play integral roles in a variety of industries. Aluminum, in particular, is the most popular material to manipulate through CNC machining thanks to several notable properties including affordability, durability, softness, and corrosion-resistance.

At Richardson Metals, supplying extrusions complete with secondary machining is our specialty. From a few tapped holes to deep multi-axis contouring, there is no application beyond our expertise. In addition, our precision cut-off saw can hold extremely tight tolerances, often eliminating the need to machine these surfaces. This eliminates the number of setups, reduces cycle time, and reduces cost for you.

At Richardson Metals, we utilize two 3-axis and one 4-axis CNC machining centers giving you the flexibility and capability to receive a finished part in-house. By partnering with our Sales/Engineering Team, we can in-house machine shop process jobs quickly and economically, reducing cycle times and passing those savings on to you. Our multi-axis machining capability allows us to reduce the number of setups to give you a lower cost part and a quicker delivery.

Our dual-station and pallet-shuttling capability on our machining centers allows spindle utilization while parts are being fixtured, resulting in greatly reduced cycle times and costs.