At Richardson Metals Inc., we specialize in the production of high-quality metal products for use in electrical applications, among others. For more than 40 years, we have been a leader in metal fabrication products due to our reliable and accurate parts and methods. We provide aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel, and plastic projects to fit our customer’s needs.

Our aluminum enclosures, specifically, can be designed and produced to fit your specifications for a variety of industrial applications. At Richardson Metals, we are a member of the Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC), which means we are consistently working to find the most effective solutions and best information to create the highest quality aluminum enclosures possible.


What Are Aluminum Enclosures?

An aluminum enclosure is a custom-made aluminum shape, used to protect material placed inside. The enclosure, or extrusion, is created by heating aluminum and aluminum alloys, and then pushing the metal through a die to outfit the specified shape. Commonly used die shapes include hollow, semi-hollow, rods, and other standard shapes. The die can be formed to meet the client’s request, both in shape and dimensions.

At Richardson Metals, we rely on the use of two different aluminum types, 6061 and 6063. They are both popular choices for enclosures and extrusions due to their superior strength, merchantability, formability, and surface finishing. Aluminum enclosures can be for electronic use or non-electronic use. Some non-electronic uses include sports equipment, such as bike frames and skates. It also is commonly used for boat equipment, due to its lightweight nature. Aluminum enclosures also can be decorative pieces, and are used in home and business construction.


Electronic Aluminum Enclosures by Richardson Metals

electronic aluminum enclosuresAluminum is a durable metal that offers strong heat and corrosion resistance, which makes it a popular choice for electrical enclosures. We are able to create aluminum enclosures that demonstrate accurate tolerances of ± 0.005. Many industries rely on the use of electronic aluminum enclosures, which include aerospace and military, construction, medical, and telecommunications.

Aerospace and military: Due to aluminum’s ability to function in both high and low temperatures with little to no maintenance, it is an ideal choice for aerospace and military applications. Aluminum enclosures and other components are commonly found on the International Space Station.

Construction: Besides decoration, aluminum enclosures are commonly used in the construction of buildings. This can include exterior support pieces and interior enclosures that contain and lessen the energy consumption of electronics.

Medical: Because of aluminum’s extreme tolerances it is a popular choice for the strict requirements of the medical field. Common uses include hospital beds and vital testing equipment.

Telecommunications: Aluminum applications are an ideal choice for telecommunication equipment, such as cables and satellites. The lightweight metal reduces the cost of installation and is effective at conducting electricity across long ranges.

The use of aluminum enclosures also is extremely common in specific electronic applications due to its noise and emission reduction properties. These specific applications include:

  • Chemical plants
  • Electric vehicle charging equipment
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Mining, oil, and gas facilities

All of our products, including aluminum enclosures, are closely inspected by our quality team, who can provide post-run optical comparisons, inspections, samplings, and certificates of conformance with all of our extrusions, if required.


Contact Richardson Metals for Your Custom Aluminum Enclosure Needs

At Richardson Metals Inc., we have the facility, team, and experience to create the best possible aluminum enclosure to safely protect your electronic equipment. We have provided this service for a range of industrial clients for 40 years, and can do it for you, too. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff has the expertise to manufacture your metal project — aluminum enclosure or otherwise. We are dedicated to quality, which is why we focus on small- to medium-size production runs with an emphasis on timely and satisfactory delivery. Request a quote to start the process of securing electronics with a custom aluminum enclosure today.